Samantha Ruthie Dude
Nick Natalie
Little Lady and Dingo Icy and Henry Deuce
Star and Dottie Alexis Nash and Trey
Teddy and Lou Trey and Dingo
Henry Dude Jingo Benjamin and Taz
Boot Taz (Toronto) Dingo
Dottie Jingo and Deuce Dingo
Three generations Three generations
Gator Moose
Moose and Natalie The brat pack
Joey Natalie Dutchess
Murphy and Jingo (Photo by B. Evans) Murphy (Photo by B. Evans)
Dingo and Dottie Taz and Dottie Dottie and Jingo
Dottie Dottie
Taz (Toronto) Taz (Toronto)
Taz Dottie
Saying hello Grazing buddies
In sync Out for a gallop
Dede and Serena All together now
Dingo and Taz
Jingo Jingo and Lulabelle
Jingo and Lulabelle Jingo and Lulabelle
Lazy Lulabelle enjoying a little grooming
Hoot Hoot
Hoot Hoot
Hoot Robin
Horsey hugs Goin' for a walk
Grazing girls 1-2-3
Robin On the fly
Robin Pretty Robin
Duckie and Hoot Duckie and Hoot
Hoot and Robin Big bottom girls

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